Good Food Broker

What we do

We help broker the sales between food manufacturers and suppliers, growers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, grocery, corporate contract food service, and college & universities. Our experience in the food industry has created many connections between businesses. We work for startups and established companies. We specialize in sourcing and distribution of organic, natural, vegan and gluten free foods on a local and nationwide basis. We work with distributors such as UNFI, Nature's Best, KeHE, and Renaissance, and Palo Alto Foods, among others.

Reasons to call us

You have a great product, but your sales team is already overwhelmed and you need help getting placement in local organic and natural groceries. You are launching your business or you have only sold direct on-line and need someone with established connections with retailers to help you grow your sales. You are popular locally but you want to grow nationwide. You are can't hire a salesperson because you don't have the volume of sales to support a full time salary. You have a strong retail presence and you want to break into corporate contract food service on major company campuses. You don't have time to hire and train new sales force or redeploy the people you already have.

We have the experience. We have the relationships. We have the knowledge. We have the strategy. You pay for performance and results. Good Food Broker works for you.

Good Food Consulting

How we help

We provide management consulting for established and startup manufacturers and food and dining operations specializing in gluten free, organic, vegan, or natural and sustainable food products. We help with your overall business operations, financial management, and new store openings. We work with manufactures to obtain Organic and Gluten Free certifications. We specialize in launching new products and working with startup companies. We source ingredients and work with organic farmers and growers nationwide. We help develop markets in new territories and with new end users. We equip you with the means to achieve market penetration with your target markets. In the end, we talk, we identify what you need to help your business succeed, and we implement the strategy.