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Brian Bigelow

Principal and owner of Good Food Consulting and Good Food Broker. We have been in business since 2009 assisting companies with operations, growth, certifications, sourcing and sales. Brian has had deep experience in the food industry and the below is some of the work he did before Good Food Consulting.


Cal dining


Directed all aspects of the on campus retail food service operations and Cal Catering which collectively generated over $10.7 M revenue/yr and served over 12,000 meals/day to students and faculty.

Organic and Natural Foods

Brought organic and natural foods to student dining and retail operations. Sourced new products and negotiated prices with vendors and distributors (United Natural Foods, Niman Ranch, Organic Valley, Strauss Valley Creamery, and others). Part of the Cal Dining team which won the prestigious and coveted Ivy Award (2007) for bringing organic foods to Cal. Eliminated 100% of trans-fats from all products served and sold. Achieved 100% compostable to-go containers, utensil and serviceware.

Financial Administration

Oversaw budget and fiscal health of all operations. Responsible for an expense budget of $9.4 million. Planned and formulated annual operating budget, prepared financial reports (P&L, income statements, revenue and expense trend analysis, monthly budget variance reports, sales analyses, food and labor cost reports, & expense reports), oversaw A/P & purchase orders, monitored expenditures, created cost controls, instilled fiscal discipline and accountability, and drove profitability.

Personnel Management

Supervised over 175 employees including 10 managers, 115 career employees and 50 casual and student employees. Developed and implemented accountability controls for management and staff. Worked closely with staff to ensure maximum operational efficiency and cooperative working relationships. Developed and trained managers on budgets, financial management of units, and personal professional development. Ensured training of staff on operational standards, customer service, and HR policies. Served on hiring committees. Worked with HR and unions.

Student and Staff Services

Regularly met with student groups to gauge needs on menu, dining experience, and overall student satisfaction. Worked with student groups, Office of Student Life, and faculty on large scale campus events (the Amazing Bear Hunt for 2,000 students; the Berkeley Project –clean up day with 2,000 students; multiple ASUC events); served on Staff Appreciation Day committee for 4 years (served 3,000 Cal employees).

Expanded services and opened new operations

Obtained LEED certifications (green building) for on campus retail units. Opened The Pro Shop in Cal's Recreational Sports Facility. Opened Peet's Coffee and Tea "We Proudly Brew" coffee kiosk serving 300 - 400 customers/day. Worked on the build out and opening of Peet's Coffee and Tea at Qualcomm Cafe. Part of team that negotiated Memorandum of Understanding and contract to operate the Lab Cafe with Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Part of team that redesigned Residential Dining Commons in Unit 3.


Corporate Food Service Operations

Oversaw and managed multiple corporate food service (employee cafes) and executive catering operations, including Guckenheimer's largest grossing unit on the West Coast ($8 million in annual revenues) and its flagship account.

Combined units while area manager served over 5,000 meals/day. Critically reviewed operations and made improvements through food programs, menu choices, merchandizing, eye appeal, cost controls. Constantly worked to create excitement and interest in the units through fresh innovative food and rich visual atmosphere. Ensured quality controls to company standards in merchandising, marketing, menuing, food specification, presentation, production, HACCP, health and safety, personnel, financial reporting, finance, & catering. Drove sales and promotions. Planned strategic goals for units to move beyond current accomplishments to differentiate Guckenheimer from competitors. Investigated new products, concepts, and specialty items and worked with executive management (e.g., purchasing director, vice president, and owner) to introduce and implement new products statewide. As Food Service Director, doubled employee participation rate at Levi's Plaza Cafe from 40% to 80% in two years through offering responsive, affordable, and attractive menu variety and quick, friendly service. Nominated for manager of the year.


ChevronTexaco worldwide headquarters, San Ramon; ChevronTexaco, Concord; Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco; Electronics for Imaging, Foster City; Union Bank, Oakland; Broadcom, San Jose; Electronic Arts, Redwood City; Cadence, San Jose; The Cafe at Wells Fargo Bank, 633 Folsom, SF; The 5th Street Cafe, Wells Fargo Bank, SF; Supreme Bean, The Kaiser Building, Oakland.

Financial Administration

Managed all aspects of financial budgets, P&L, financial reports, forecasting, cost controls, accountability, and profitability. Controlled expenses. Regularly communicated with corporate clients at executive level on financial results.

Personnel Management

Empowered and inspired managers and staff to produce superior customer service and food. Built morale and teamwork within staff. Created friendly, fun, & professional working environment. Managed over 150 employees. Supervised and developed 12 food service directors, general managers and unit managers.

Innovative Food

Emphasized the incorporation of healthy, interesting, fresh and tasty foods in the menu concepts. Worked with Guckenheimer's executive chef, unit chefs, managers and clients to have menus reflect tastes of particular campus. Pushed units to adapt to changing needs and tastes of customers. Encouraged creativity in the food and menu.


Worked with CEO, sales and marketing directors and executive chef to meet with prospective corporate accounts and clients, describe the Guckenheimer advantage, and services. Assisted with preparation of bid proposal packages.

Opened new units

Designed layout and worked on build out and equipment specs for $1M executive kitchen for ChevronTexaco world headquarters. Opened employee dining area for Chiron. Assisted openings of new units nationwide - including MCI WorldCom, Granger, Sybase, and PeopleSoft. Opened facility at 633 Folsom which included developing space and foot traffic plans, the hiring and training of new staff, menu design and collaboration with Wells Fargo and vendors to build out unit. Open multiple units (merchandised, assisted design and space plans; set up catering, invoicing systems, and hired personnel).

Executive Catering

Worked closely with high-level executives, assistants, event planners, and employees to plan and cater large events (2000+ people-Employee Appreciation Day, Levi's Employee Holiday Party) as well as sophisticated intimate events. Regularly catered for Levi's Board of Directors, CEO, President, and owners (board luncheons, dinners, receptions, and private personal parties). Catered the Haas' family personal events. Organized catering for events with guests such as Senators Dianne Feinstein & Barbara Boxer, SF Mayor Willie Brown, and international heads-of-state dignitaries.

Concession Air One Services, Inc.

Managed daily food and beverage facilities in the Oakland Airport with annual operating revenues of over $7 million. Multi-unit management and operations responsibilities. Supervised 50 employees. Developed assist ant managers and trained associates. Generated weekly P&L. Budgeted and forecasted annual operating costs and profits. Investigated new products and vendors. Diversified food, products and presentation. Ensured reliable service from vendors and negotiated lower costs. Overhauled commissary system to track and control food costs.

  • Opened the Bay Bridge Bar and Deli. Designed layout of restaurant for marketing, traffic flow and service. Analyzed changing consumer market and created high-quality menu choices. Calculated food costs. Designed taste/profit conscious recipes. Developed operating manual.
  • Redesigned and replaced existing snack bar with burrito concept and doubled revenues.
  • Opened Americo's Pizzeria – oversaw design, build out and construction of Tuscan-themed eatery which offered gourmet pizzas. Exceeded annual target revenue of $1.5 M through marketing towards high-end clientele and intensive associate training.
  • Introduced smoothies at Market Fresh-captured then emerging market for healthy fruit drink which led to an increase in weekly sales. Designed operating procedures. Trained staff. Invented new flavors with vendors.

The Claremont Resort & Spa

Oversaw room service in a world class luxury resort and spa. Provided in-room specialized catering for guests, including celebrities and professional athletes. Supervised room service staff. Focused on individualized staff counseling and intensive training sessions emphasizing excellent five star service and guest satisfaction. Developed staff empowerment meetings. Increased overall productivity, motivation, communication, and team spirit. Improved room service delivery order response times. Attained 98% positive guest comment response. Budgeted and forecasted expenses and revenues. Generated and analyzed sales reports. Calculated payroll. Worked with labor unions including negotiations in strike situations. Managed four star Pavilion restaurant. Supervised restaurant staff and focused on providing courteous, attentive, and friendly service. Developed staff training program to ensure first class service. Increased revenues. Organized and coordinated large parties. Calculated payroll. Budgeted and forecasted expenses and revenues. As Manager On Duty for the entire hotel, was the night manager of the entire hotel on a once-per-week basis.


Honors & Activities
  • Christermon Foundation Scholarship
  • Worked and managed the The Restaurant at Kellog Ranch – the University's four star restaurant
  • Cal Poly Hotel Association – Director of HR
  • Club Members of America